BSc. in Computer Science. A software developer (focusing on web technologies), a beginner indepenedent AI/ML researcher, and a philosophy enthusiast. I'm seeking to join a strong reasaerch programme (MSc, MPhil, or Phd) and/or a research software developement team that meets and challanges my software development and research interests and skills.

As I'm still a wandering, beginner, independent research; I'm not yet comfortable pinpointing what my research interests and goals exactaly are. However, in terms of professor Yann LeCunn's taxonomy of researchers, I believe that my research goals fall somewhere in the intersection between the two groups:

(1) People who want to explain/understand learning (and perhaps intelligence) at the fundamental/theoretical level [..] (3) People who want to understand intelligence, build intelligent machines, and have a side interest in understanding how the brain works.

This probably why I'm drawn mostly to Reinforcement Learning as well as the theoretical aspects of Machine Learning.

I currently work as a freelance full-stack web developer, taking advantage of the time flexiability to deepen my studies in AI.