brings the world of classical OOP to javascript


No Compilation.

No Pre-processing.

Write your classes directly into your javascript code, and it's ready to run.

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var Person = classing.Class({
	private : {
		counter : Static(0),
		name : null
	public : {
		Construct : function() {Person.counter++;},
		getName : function() {return;},
		setName : function(newName) { = newName;}


  • Typed and non-typed function overloading with the ability to recognize custom types.

  • Creating All types of classes : concrete , final concrete and abstract.

  • Defining components in any of the three access levels : private , protected and public.

  • Defining abstrcat and final methods.

  • Defining static components.

  • Extending any non-final class.

  • Overriding non-final methods in derived classes.

  • Accessing the base class constructor and components through the keyword base.

  • Creating and implemeting mutiple interfaces.


Works on all modern browsers and on Node.js

Get Started

Browser Node.js

  1. Download
  2. Download The Minified Version
    Without Comments
    (~ 20KB)
    Download The Unminified Version
    With Comments
    (~ 49KB)


  3. Include the library in your application
  4. just put a script tag in your HTML file with its src pointing to the library's file.

    <script type="text/javascript" src = "classing.1.1.2.js"></script>


  5. Get ready for coding ...

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