About Classing{js}


Javascript's prototypal object oriented style, although powerful, is tedious, specially for those who come to javascript from a classical object oriented language like C++, Java or C#. For this purpose , Classing{js} was created. It creates a classical-like objcet oriented programming interface that behaves almost exactly like any regular classical object oriented environment.

Is There More From Classing{js}?

Of course. There's a lot more to be done in Classing{js}. Over the future there'll be new features, more optimized code, expanions to other javascript platforms ... etc. Follow on Twitter to get the latest news and updates of Classing{js}

Your can also Fork Classing{js} on Github and start contributing to the project. Your contributions will be valuable to the future of the library.

About the Developer

My name is Mostafa Samir , a 20 years old computer science student at the faculty of computers and information, Assiut University, Egypt.

You can reach me on Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or directly on my email : mostafa.3210@gmail.com